Monday, September 13, 2010

Cattle were made with Maya the whole process of real eye

Final result looks like this:

(Figure 1)

Open the Create - NURBS Primitives - Sphere panel, refer to the parameters set under the map, click Create and then close the dialog box.

(Figure 2)

By 3 health, then press 5 to view color display.

(Figure 3)

Hold down the alt key left, right hand on the mouse's left button and middle button, zoom view shows.

(Figure 4)

Access panel in the object input Rotate X - 90.

(Figure 5)

Select the View menu Panel - Layouts - Two Panes Stacked above or below the view and then select the Panels - Panel - Hypershade. Our work area should be as shown below:

(Figure 6)

Super in chart below select Create-Materials-Lambert, a new Lambert material appears in the work area above the double-click in the new food material properties appear Editor

(Figure 7)

In the Attribute Editor, click the color behind the black box, the chart shows Create Render Node, select 2D Textures - Ramp. And then drag the material onto the object, use the middle mouse button drag the material onto the object. And then on the menu, select materials that map Shading-Hardware Texturing, then material texture in a small ball.

(Figure 8)

Now let's change the Ramp Attributes of color, as shown by the

(Figure 9)

Then choose from the top of a brown above, click on its back Reversing Checkerboard, Create Render Node chart appears. Select 2D Textures - Noise, set the Solid Fractal Attributes and Color Balance menu parameters, as shown below:

(Figure 10)

Click Select and Close, appeared under the map results.

(Figure 11)

Now we do the eyes of the second layer, also we do not use any light reflection. Select Edit - Duplicate or press Ctrl + D, then the icon in the construction of a new super material Phong material, double-click to open it in the material editor property, set as shown:

(Figure 12)

Click Select and Close, and then drag the new copy of the new material to just a small ball. Here we first hide the ball just copied Display - Hide - Hide Selection, then select Panels - Orthographic - Side, and then select the ball right-click select Control Vertex, edit form as shown

(Figure 13)

(Figure 14)

In the top view, the establishment of two Spot Lights to illuminate the eyes.

(Figure 15)

Now we are ready to render the current view of the. Select and copy the two eyes were balls choose Render - Set NURBS Tessellation panel to increase our refined model created nubs

(Figure 16)

Click Set and Close. Select Window - Rendering Editors - Render Globals to set up your project file a name you like, and the size of the size of the fight still holding the quality and so the effect of rendering the first one is the effect of the above .

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